Useful Tools and Products For Caregivers Who Need To Clean Up Poop

Caring for your elderly loved one to ensure the best quality of life possible can be super challenging! Choosing between building an In-law suite or an assisted living can lead to some pretty crappy expenses no matter which decision you make.  Outside of supplies (see article below) remember diapers/incontinence supplies are covered through Medicaid only.  

However, with a proper diagnosis code from a physician such as “stress incontinence” (and many others ask your primary care doctor) Medicare WILL cover supplies.  Additionally, incontinence supplies are a tax write off.  

It happens. People poop. Sometimes there is a reason that is hard to control. It isn’t exactly anybody’s fault, but it is somebody’s responsibility to clean up. This is where these wonderful tools and products come in handy! Nobody wants the brown mess leftover on anything in the house, and nobody wants it to touch it!


Medical gloves do the trick. Some people even get big rubber dish gloves to deal with poop. Typically, it is easier to maintain your motor skills for the cleaning of the poo if you use a lightweight glove instead of heavy rubber. After all… you do not want to miss any!


It may seem like too much, but wearing a gown keeps the fecal matter from getting on your clothes! Wearing a gown (or something else you’re ok with getting poop on) really tears down the wall that is constructed by the thought of “what if it gets on me?”.

Disposable Cloths

Imagine getting poop on your nice towel. You will never use it for the same purpose again, like cleaning food off of a child’s face or using it for a spa treatment. Get yourself a stack of washcloths that you are OK with disposing of. Once the poop is gone, so is the threat of it getting on you.

Touch Free Hand Sanitizer

It seems pretty obvious: hand sanitizer. It’s even better when you don’t have to touch it so you don’t need to worry about getting the poop you had just cleaned up on everything. Dispose of the gloves, gown, and washcloths then sanitize your hands without worrying about poop residue being leftover in your kitchen sink. Clean as a whistle!

Non Cream / Non Gel Bleach Cleaner

It’s pretty common to find a brown surprise waiting for you on the floor if you’re the caretaker of somebody who cannot control their bowels. Just remember, it isn’t their fault. But it could be your fault if they fall from slipping on some kind of gel or cream cleaner you used to clean it up.

These types of cleaners can get very slippery and could send someone tumbling to the floor rather easily. You wouldn’t want to slip yourself only to land on the floor and see you missed a spot…

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