Jennifer Rae is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner who has over 27 years of medical background and is the Owner and Operator of A Rae of Hope. Jennifer specializes in Geriatrics and Adult Medicine and utilizes her talents to provide FREE services to Seniors and their adult children to help navigate difficult decisions surrounding “next steps”. Jennifer’s advocacy and transitional care company provides door-to-door services through personalized tours of choice communities, negotiating rates, completing paperwork, medication management, and much more. Jen has been recognized with numerous honors and awards for excellence in care and truly believes that life after retirement should be the best years of anyone’s life.

Jen Rae - A Rae Of Hope Advocacy Center

About A Rae Of Hope

A Rae of Hope was founded by Board Certified Nurse Practitioner, Jennifer Rae AGNP-BC, MSN-Ed. Together with our team of Advocacy and Life-Care Specialists, we serve New Jersey residents through FREE Support Services to adults in need of Assisted and Long-term Care living arrangements.

When important life decisions need to be made, preserving your independence and personal care is at the heart of what we do. See what’s possible when the need for compassion and experience is guided by medical and skilled professionals who care about your total well-being.

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